Dr Jon Goldin

Degrees: FRCPsych Royal College of Psychiatrists (2015), MRCPsych Royal College of Psychiatrists (1998), Diploma in Child Health (1994), MB ChB University of Manchester (1992), BSc (Hons) Psychology University of Manchester (1989)
Region / Borough: Camden - Central London

Dr. Jon Goldin is a Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London. His areas of expertise lie in the assessment and management of depressionanxietyemotional and behavioral difficulties, and ADHD.

Dr. Goldin has vast experience in assessing and managing mental health difficulties in both children and adolescents. In addition to his work as an NHS Consultant over the past 20 years, he holds/has held several prominent positions within the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Child Health and is the College Lead for Parliamentary Engagement at The Royal College of Psychiatrists. For 10 years he was the Joint Training Programme Director in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the Great Ormond Street and Royal London Higher Training Scheme. He was formerly the Vice-Chair of the Child and Adolescent Faculty at RCPsych and the Head of Department in the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (DCAMH).

Dr. Jon Goldin currently sees all his private patients remotely via Zoom and occasionally at Great Ormond Street Hospital International and Private Patients wing.

General Info

  • Awards: RCPsych Finalist – Psychiatric Communicator of the Year (2020), Psychiatric Communicator of the Year Finalist, Royal College of Psychiatrists (2021), Top Doctors Award (2021)
  • Memberships: Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS, British Medical Association, Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

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  1. Angel Todd 27/11/2022

    I had an awful experience with Dr Goldin and his inpatient psychiatric unit, MCU, which is a very different place compared to how it is portrayed. I found Dr Goldin very patronising and the staff in MCU clearly not fully trained. I was admitted with no mental health conditions and now have PTSD from the unit this man runs. The things I witnessed as a child in MCU are things I would not wish upon anyone, these are things that stick with you. There are many children I am aware of whose lives have been ruined in the hands of Dr Goldin and his team. Families are threatened with court and scared into putting their children into his unit for extended periods of time, meaning they are extremely isolated and institutionalised. The MCU, Dr Goldin and his team need a thorough investigation.

  2. Eleanor 19/02/2023

    My daughter was a patient on the MCU at GOSH for six months, where Dr Goldin is a consultant.
    Our experience was a wholly negative one and as the previous review states we were also threatened with both a Police Child Protection order and a request for my daughter to be removed.from her family. Thankfully a Judge ruled in our favour and my daughter was released from the ‘care’ of the hospital to another, where she was correctly diagnosed and treated.

    Our experience was a very traumatic one for my daughter and our family and she developed an eating disorder as a consequence of care proceedings which Dr Goldin requested. The court ruled in favour of our family and my daughter remained with us and cared for/treated by another team.

    In my daughter’s 6 months in the ward , Dr Goldin only met with her alone once, which was in response to a complaint by me. It was a very unpleasant,disturbing and intimidating meeting for her.

    Ward meetings openly discussed issues relating to the parents/families including thoughts about children not being returned home to their families, which breached confidentiality and would have been distressing for those named children.

    The ward environment often felt cold, distant and punitive and tensions were created between the children by the behaviour and words of staff. Staff were often in the office with the door closed and one child frequently absconded and self harmed on the ward. Dr Goldin was rarely present on the ward and my personal experience of him was a very unpleasant and disturbing one.

    My daughter’s problems were often dismissed and ignored, which had a huge impact on her. I am aware of others who have experienced similar on this unit. When I complained to PALS at GOSH , I was told by the person, I spoke to that they had seen a pattern of parents who were unhappy with the care being referred to social services.

    Once my daughter was released to the care of another hospital we were met with wonderful care, understanding and professionalism. My daughter was subsequently listened to, correctly diagnosed and treated. My deepest regret is taking my daughter to the MCU, as it has had huge and life long consequences for us as a family..


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