London Psychiatric Clinic

London Psychiatric Clinic was established in 2007, it has helped many people by face to face in clinics, at patient’s home and patients abroad all over the World by phone, Skype,

The London Psychiatry Centre

The London Psychiatry Centre offers an innovative integrated full service addressing every need associated with mental health. This includes psychiatric, psychological, therapeutic and social aspects of a patient. We offer

London Psychiatry Clinic

‍We’re here for you At the London Psychiatry Clinic, we understand that talking about your own problems and emotions can be difficult. We create a therapeutic relationship where you can

Sloane Court Clinic

The Sloane Court Clinic is an independent private psychiatric outpatient clinic providing psychiatric and psychological help and services to individuals, the healthcare departments of organisations such as national and transnational

Dr Triveni Joshi

Dr Triveni Joshi is a leading consultant psychiatrist in London who specialises in child and adolescent psychiatry. She has over 17 years worth of experience in psychiatry and over 14 years working with children and their families.

Dr Thomas Dannhauser

Dr Thomas Dannhauser is a consultant psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience. With his extensive experience in neuropsychiatry and research, he practices precision psychiatry, providing evidence-based and cutting-edge assessments and treatments to prevent, cure,

Dr Teresa Gomez Alemany

Dr Teresa Gomez Alemany is a highly-skilled consultant paediatric and adult psychiatrist. In 2013, Dr Gomez Alemany became licenced in medicine from the University of Barcelona. She continued her training

Dr Sunil Pullaperuma

My Background I’m a specialist in paediatric neurodisability based in the UK. Paediatric neurodisability is a new sub-speciality in the UK whereby consultants receive training in both neurology and more

Dr Stefania Bonaccorso

Dr Stefania Bonaccorso is a leading psychiatrist based at The London Medical Specialist Clinic, who specialises in psychosis, depression, self-harm, psychotherapy, suicidal thoughts, bipolar illness and personality disorders. Dr Bonaccorso attained